Monday, January 24, 2011

Why the Lie ?

It is obvious that the serpent - or lucifer - or the Devil - or Satan - or any name you want to call it / him, wants to make mankind believe that they are different, if not at same Level as GOD.

The result on mankind believing in that is the rejection of the Authority of GOD. the only AIM of Lucifer was to get MAN feel that the do not need GOD. God created MAN to rule the earth but also to worship HIM. MAN was to worship only the one and true GOD. There was no other creature above MAN, that includes that Angels (lucifer altogether) was submitted to server MAN. Man in return only had GOD above him. that was the original setup in which Adam had to live and enjoy life with Eve.
Some point in time, for reasons we will talk about much later, Lucifer felt that he was being "downgraded" or he felt Man Superior to him. God was seeing MAN as his best creature so far, and this must somehow had an effect on that Angel Lucifer..
A suggestion ,I maintain , it's a suggestion is that Lucifer thought that if GOD saw Mankind not trusting this relationship or disobeying, GOD would punish MAN and elevate or prefer Lucifer than MAN. He might have done that for this reason or maybe just because he somehow developed jealousy that turned into hatred. Ezekiel describes how Lucifer was a creation Angel and how he fell .
The most dangerous thing in that, is that Lucifer did not and still do no want ANY GOOD to MAN. His sole aim is the destruction of MANKIND.

His best tool is LIES, why ? because MAN has freewill !!!  They can make choices ! That is a wonderful gift that we have from GOD. But it is also the most dangerous tool that Satan uses against us. He knows how to manipulate MAN, and LIES is the best weapon because it creates doubts and doubts breakdown trust !

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