Friday, January 7, 2011

Is the truth out there ?

Everyone nowadays is out to find what they call "truth", we crave to know the "truth".  the question might seems relative or w can say the answer can be relative. but is truth really relative ? 
Do we really don't know that the "truth" is ? as a Christian , i KNOW what the truth is, i do not need to go out there to know what the truth is about. It is NOT out there ! it is in the BIBLE.  I really doubt that all christians believe that the truth is ALL in the BIBLE, hence the large number of christian still "looking" around. I am actually in a christian conference called the "TruthXchange", we are looking at all the Exchange that has been been made, making the LIE become the Truth !!

The reason I decide to have this blog is to bring to you all those lies,  they have an origin, it has always been about that ! It has been the biggest LIE, around since the time of creation ! 

We have been so blessed to have been in contact with so many GOD die-hards who are aware and doing what they can to raise concern, it would have been selfish for me to just get back and keep all those information for myself. It is true that all of those has been predicted in the Bible, the rise of the false prophets, the false teachers, the false miracles, the culture crisis, the apostasy, it has all been predicted and we cannot dodge that.

But what we can do, is to help you identify those things, for the evil come in form of the light ! not all light is the real light !  we have only one light ! JESUS , HE is the ONE, the WAY and the LIFE.

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